What Internet speed is right for me?
In today's fast paced technology driven world, an ever increasing number of Internet connected devices are being used in the home. More Internet connected devices may mean that your household is using more bandwidth than ever before.If you have seen an increase in the number of Internet connected devices your household utilizes in the past few years, it may be time to think about an upgrade.

Figuring out how much Internet speed you need can be fairly easy to figure out. There are several factors that can play a role in determining what speed is right for you. Things to consider can include (1) the types of online activities your household engages in; (2) the total number of Internet users that will be using the Internet simultaneously; and (3) the number of devices your household uses such as game consoles, mobile devices, and even smart appliances.

When thinking about your usage, here is some important terminology to help you along the way:

  • Downloading- the process of receiving data from another remote system like a web server, email server, application server or other server system. An example of this would be downloading a form off of a website to save to your device. 
  • Uploading-The process of sending data to a remote system like a web server or another Internet user so that the remote system or user can store a copy. An example of this would be uploading a photo or video to a website, such as Facebook or Twitter.
  •  Streaming- type of download that is not stored or saved on your device, you can listen to it or view it as a video. An example of streaming would be watching a movie on Netflix or another similar streaming provider.

How does your household utilize your Internet connection?

Below is a graph that shows the minimum download speed requirements in megabits per second (Mbps) needed to adequately perform each of the following activities according to the FCC. Based on this data, a typical household’s bandwidth usage on any particular evening may look something like this:

Keep in mind that the graph illustrated above is an estimation of the MINIMUM speeds needed to perform each task based on a four person household. If you are in a multi-user household with several devices that are each performing separate Internet related tasks, it would be a good idea to evaluate the speed you currently have to determine if it is right for you. Not having adequate speed for your level of Internet usage may result in lag times and frequent disconnection from your home Internet network.

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