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Where can I go to do a speed test?

Does American Broadband sell Internet security, virus protection and Internet backup?
Yes! American Broadband offers a suite of security features; including automatic virus protection and computer updates, pop-up ad blockers, SPAM control, parental controls and more. Click here more information!
Frequently asked questions about SecureIT

Does SecurityCoverage have access to my computer?
Absolutely not. SecureIT was built with your security and privacy as first priority. All the updates, scanning, and protection happen from your computer and nothing is sent to us outside of the reporting statistics, which are made fully available to you on our reporting web site and through our monthly e-mail summary. The only time we have access to your machine is when you explicitly grant it to us during your use of the remote installation or remote support request. 
Even then we require that you put in a one time use code that allows your computer to connect to our operation center granting us permission to assist you.

Do I still have to have a separate Anti-virus program?
No, the SecureIT service will provide you with everything you need to safely navigate the Internet and effectively and efficiently use your computer.

Is there anything that I need to do to keep things updated?
No, the value of this service is that it applies all updates and runs all of its various scans behind the scenes without you having to worry.

Do I have to leave my computer on all of the time?
No, if you happen to have your computer off at the time the program runs its various scanning processes and updates, they will automatically run the next time that you turn your computer on.

How do I know that I am being protected?
You will receive a monthly e-mail detailing the activities that have been executed by your SecureIT software. In addition, you can check the online reports anytime, which are updated every 24 hours.

What if I have/use a firewall?
Since our service never contacts your computer, and the vast majority of firewalls are designed to block INCOMING traffic, this software is compatible with 99+% of all firewalls.

Should I change the firewall default settings?
Changes to the default settings are not required for the firewall to operate. However, users who feel comfortable with modifying settings have that capability.

Is outbound traffic blocked by the firewall feature?
By default all of your subscribers will get put into the "Internet zone" in which all outbound communication is allowed and all inbound communication is blocked.

Will the firewall from SecureIT Services work with my existing firewall?
Our firewall should be compatible with other firewalls that your subscribers have installed on their machines. If your subscribers would like to use their own firewalls and disable ours, they have the option to do so.

What happens if I get a virus or some type of Spyware on my computer?
In the very unlikely case that you do get a virus or spyware threat on your computer that materially affects its performance or damages it in some way, we will do our best to remove the problem at no cost AND give you a free month's service as well.



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